We don't do advertising.


that sell :)

Our metaverses
The largest area of ​​contact with the client among existing online marketing tools
High return to marketing campaign: up to 60% of the entire audience
it and
Built-in tools for converting audiences into leads and sales for your business
to sales


Full cycle
of development

Creating a world from A to Z. We rely on specialists from
8 industries
IT specialists, 2D/3D designers, testers, business analysts, marketers, metaverse experts
. They create your world from scratch: from deconstructing goals, through sculpting space, to collecting analytics and
tech support
The price of our services includes 2 months of technical support, during which we guarantee that nothing will happen to your world
. Plus, we will call on our partners to solve your problems outside the meta.


trust in people

In everything we do, people come first. That's why we managed to assemble a team of
We work only with developers with more than 5 years of experience, and designers with more than 3 years of experience
around the world
To implement your ideas, we have brought together specialists from Russia, Serbia, Thailand, and Kazakhstan
. Our technicians create complex game mechanics, and visual creativity collects
the best reviews on the market
Наши виртуальные пространства не получали оценки ниже 85%


The whole metaverse
in a week

“Talent deserves outstanding leadership” - this principle inspired us to create a special
There will be no explanation here. This system is our secret :)
of work. Thanks to it, complex projects are completed surprisingly quickly. At the same time we
alienate copyright
And here we are talking not only about the entire game. Both the entire space and each individual object will become your copyright: from the idea to the most inconspicuous pixel.
- we are so confident in the uniqueness of our product.


Love towards
your achievments

We are relentlessly focused on one thing: improving brand results. While everyone is creating worlds for the sake of “cases,” our team strives to
exceed your marketing goals
Mathematical models underlie the development of a marketing campaign; for this we involve individual specialists
. We are convinced that the metaverse is not a toy, but another engine in your brand’s rocket. And the results of our clients prove this.

We are glad to work with our
fantastic clients

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